Skip’s Initiatives

Skip for Sheriff of Fremont County 2018
Skip for Sheriff of Fremont County
The citizens of Fremont County elect a Sheriff and entrust him/her with a noble cause: to ensure that everyone in the county receives professional, courteous, and constitutional service. The sheriff is directly responsible to the people and the public has the duty, and ability, to reaffirm their faith in the sheriff and the deputy’s that are employed.
How can we restore the relationship between the citizens of Fremont County and the Sheriff’s Department? I believe that this happens when the citizens and police walk together and talk about issues of concerns. Today, in the “virtual” world we live in it is easier than ever to communicate.
Once elected, together we will;
  1. Enhanced department transparency for all to view
  2. Partner with citizens on a crusade to make Fremont County the safest place to work, live, pray and play
  3.   Zero tolerance for illegal drugs and dealers
  4. Eliminate budgetary waste to provide better stewardship of the tax payer dollars.
    • Streamline the budget and  remove duplicated services
    •  Fuel efficient and safe vehicles for the Officers
    • Better pay for Officers equals better retention and professionalism
    •  Eliminate speed traps and increase surveillance where needed in problem areas,.
  5. Develop a Prisoner Work Program within our county for the nonviolent offenders that are incarcerated.
  6. See and Be Seen – Patrol vehicles will have their parking lights on when parked along the highways or when not in motion.
  7. As your Sheriff, I feel it is important to have an open-door policy ensuring an open line of communication
  8.   A check and balance system, to include a volunteer citizen review committee that works directly with the Sheriff. 
  9. The Sheriff’s job is to make sure our deputies are prepared to go out there and do what is expected of them with the Fremont County Sheriff office.
 It’s also the Sheriff’s responsibility to make sure the deputies have the best training available to them throughout their employment.
 We will provide first rate service to all within our county.
In summary, once elected as your Sheriff, my Deputies and I are here to Protect and Serve YOU.  We cannot do it effectively without YOU. Together we will succeed at reducing crime and creating a safe community that we are all proud to be a part of.
My team is still gathering comments and concerns. I welcome your feedback.