Skip’s Community Outreach Programs

The following programs are designed to offer to the community enhanced public safety, educate our youth, and promote partnerships between law enforcement and the Citizens of Fremont.  My programs will be made possible through grants and donations.


Parental Home Drug Testing

Voluntary and Confidential

Don’t Guess, Test.  Home Drug Test kits will be acquired and made available to residents of Fremont County.  The goal is to offer free drug test kits that can be conducted in private.  This will allow parents and guardians the ability to monitor the patterns and behavior of their children who are under the age of 18 years old.  The test kits give parents a tool to have that critical discussion about drug use; and offers a method for parents who suspect their child may be using illegal drugs the knowledge which will allow them to seek professional help if needed.  Funding for D.G.T. will be through local donations and grants.




A New Perspective

Jail Tours and Seminars

I will be making this program available to youth groups, schools, and parents.  A new perspective allows children and teens a glimpse at what life is like behind bars.  Inmates within the facility can help to shape the picture how their bad choices led to jail.  As your Sheriff I aim to deter young people from participating in criminal behavior.   Part of this program will be identify individuals incarcerated that want to help others make different choices.  This program will be open to parents to accompany their children into the facility to experience what life may be like if their drug or alcohol abuse leads them into a bad situation.   Provide a realistic lesson to young people and not only say but show what happens and how their current path may affect the future.




Safe Teen Driving

Traffic Stop Notification

I plan to implement a voluntary notification system for parents with young drivers under the age of 18.  Under my program a decal is put on the window of the young drivers car.  If the car is stopped by Sheriff Deputies, a notification card will be sent to parents by text, email or mail to let them know.



Project Lifesaver

Call an Angel

Project Lifesaver aids victims (and their families) who become lost as a result of mental impairments, or other issues. The idea is to use technology to locate individuals who have drifted or strayed. Clients wear a tracking device (wrist, ankle or necklace). When a caregiver calls the special line to report someone missing our angel search team responds to the area. Using hand held tracking systems to find the person as soon as possible.




Call Back

Web Portal Victim Update and Communications

I will work diligently on a new communications platform for victims.  You will be able to access and interact with your case Officer using your personal computer, tablet or smart phone.  Just login using the case number and code provided to you during the interview with the Officer.  The system will give you up-to date information that has been released.  It will also offer you a method to send messages to the case Officer.





Don’t be a Pawn

Stolen Merchandise Announcement Program

This is one of my favorites, personally.  I want to make sure information regarding stolen merchandise in the county is reported to all Pawn shops live.  Pawn shops will be able to search in real time to determine if the merchandise offered is stolen goods.  Time is of the essence, criminals normally sells the goods before anyone is the wiser.





Volunteer Citizen Review Committee

Check and Balance

As your Sheriff it is important to have an open door policy.  We have seen so much impropriety in our county I am not sure what is true and what is not.  A monthly meeting will be held to allow citizens of Fremont a voice in the Sheriffs department.  A Citizen Review Committee will be created as an advisory to the people.  A committee of strong community leaders to give fresh perspective and insight to the problems facing our county.  A committee to make sure the enhanced transparency is delivered.