Professional, courteous, constitutional service to all.

Skip Moreau for Sheriff

To all the Fremont County Residents and Visitors,

My message to Fremont has not changed.  Once elected as your Fremont County Sheriff, The mission of your County Sheriff’s Office will be to provide the best quality law enforcement services to the public. These duties include the protection of our citizens, prevention and deterrence of criminal activity, swift apprehension of all offenders and return of property to its rightful owner. In accomplishing those basic functions, our law enforcement staff will be organized and trained to enforce the laws proactively and to never forget, it is a honor to serve and protect the public (not a job)

You will always be able to feel safe in our county

Our officers will always intercede to protect the welfare and safety of all citizens. At the same time, deputies must serve within guidelines that safeguard everyone’s constitutional rights. We will be dedicated to protect the hard working citizens of Fremont County

A badge is a symbol of the public faith, trust, and Honesty

The Sheriff and all Officers will be expected to keep their personal and professional lives honest at all times and never perform any action that well cause doubt in the eyes of the public.

Fair law enforcement

Finally all law enforcement officers will be continually reminded that their duty is to enforce the law courteously and appropriately, without fear or favor, malice or ill will. They are never to permit their personal feelings, prejudices, anomalies or friendships to influence their official decisions in there line of duty. As your sheriff this will be a reality; Nothing Less

Skip Moreau


Professional, courteous, constitutional service to all.


Training and Certifications

Patrol Officer Experience

Chief of Police Experience

FBI Training Programs

Pueblo Police Department Training programs

Booneslick Law Enforcement Training Classes

Military Police Training

Civil Defense Training

Missouri State Highway Patrol training Academy ( BL)

Colorado State Highway Patrol Training programs (BL)

Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (BL)

Certified Colorado Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Wildland Fire and Structure Training


Business owner and manager

Alerts security Systems Alarm – sales and service 8 employees

Alert Security Patrol Service, 125 employees (on site and patrol)

Federal Aviation Administration Certified Aircraft Mechanic

Federal Aviation Administration Certified Commercial Pilot

40 Year Colorado Resident

Among other endeavors

Decorated Vietnam Veteran

Member International Association of Arson Investigators

Certified Under Water Rescue Diver


As you sheriff I believe, “We the People” are not just words it is a motto for all

Citizen’s to uphold in the service of our community.